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Figure 7

From: MMP-28 as a regulator of myelination

Figure 7

MMP-28 expression in EAE and MS tissue. A) Immunofluorescence of mouse EAE spinal cord. Panels represent (from left to right) region with reduced MAG expression (lesion), normal adjacent tissue (NAT) and a separate lesioned area at higher magnification. B) Luxol fast blue and immunofluorescent staining of human cerebellar MS tissue. a: Luxol fast blue staining identifying a lesion containing rarefied myelination. b: Merged MAG (Red), MMP-28 (Green), and DAPI (Blue) staining of MS lesion, c: normal myelinated region (from b), d: region within the lesion demonstrating increased MMP-28 expression (from b). C) Western blot analysis of proteins obtained from cortices of multiple sclerosis patients or normal brains. Four independent normal samples and four independent MS samples are shown.

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