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Table 1 Antibodies Employed in Present Study

From: Detailed immunohistochemical characterization of temporal and spatial progression of Alzheimer's disease-related pathologies in male triple-transgenic mice

Target Epitope Antibody (Supplier) Reference
hAPP Rabbit monoclonal clone Y188 -
Amyloid precursor protein A4, corresponding to the NPXY motif of hAPP (Abcam)  
hAPP/Aβ Mouse monoclonal clone 6E10 Götz J, et al. [70]
Aβ amino acid residues 1–16; also cross-reacts with hAPP (Signet) Hock C, et al. [71]
   Oddo S, et al. [72]
hAβ 1–42 (extracellular) C-terminus of Aβ 1–42 Mouse monoclonal clone 12F4 Parvathy, S., et al. [73]
hAβ 1–42 (intracellular) C-terminus of Aβ 1–42 Rabbit polyclonal anti Aβ 1–42 D'Andrea, et al [27]
hTau Mouse monoclonal HT7 Oddo et al [18]
Human Tau amino acid residues 159–163 (Pierce) Mercken M et al [74]
Phosphorylated Tau Mouse monoclonal AT180 Greenberg and Davies [39]
Human Tau phosphorylated residue Thr231 (Pierce) Oddo S et al. [18]
Paired Helical Filaments Monoclonal mouse anti-PHF-1 Ksiezak-Reding, et al. [37]
Human Tau phosphorylated on amino acid residues Ser396 and Ser404 associated with paired helical filaments (Dr. Peter Davies, Albert Einstein School of Medicine) Clinton, et al. [68]
F4/80 Rat anti mouse F4/80 Janelsins et al. [52]
  (AbD Serotec)  
Cell surface glycoprotein on mature macrophages that is a member of the EGF-TM7 family   
GFAP Rabbit polyclonal anti-GFAP Shaftel S, et al. [75]
Cell surface marker (glial fibrillary acidic protein) for mature astrocytes (Dako Cytomation)