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Figure 1

From: Visuo-auditory interactions in the primary visual cortex of the behaving monkey: Electrophysiological evidence

Figure 1

Experimental protocol. A. In the active Visuo-Auditory task, the monkey had to perform a saccade toward a visual cue located on the right or left side of the central fixation point. The visual stimulus was placed inside the neurons RF or at the opposite location. Auditory speakers were placed just below the visual location. Dashed squares represent the control windows regulating the eye movement for both the fixation and the saccadic periods. B. Temporal succession of the visual and auditory events in the active (upper panel) or passive (lower) tasks. C. EEG recordings of a monkey (Mk1) during a saccadic task oriented toward a visual cue located at 16 degrees on the left or right site of the fixation point. The upper and lower panels correspond to the horizontal or vertical eye movements respectively. Red dots represent the saccade latencies as described in the method section. Note that the anticipatory saccades obtained at latencies lower that 30 ms were not included into the analysis. D. Polar plot showing the receptive fields location of the recorded single cells. Most of the cells have RFs located at retinal eccentricities beyond 10°.

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