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Table 1 Summary of SNP polymorphisms between DBA/2J and BALB/c mice, affecting coding regions of genes and ESTs in the Rgcs1 locus

From: Rgcs1, a dominant QTL that affects retinal ganglion cell death after optic nerve crush in mice

Gene Name DBA/2J AA BALB/c AA Position Conserved* Strain Cluster
Tlr1 C Q T R 667 No Possible
Tlr1 G L A P 246 No Possible
Tlr1 G L A S 111 No No
Tlr6 T V C I 681 Yes Yes
9130005N14Rik G T A A 498 No No
Recc1 C N T S 588 Yes No
Klb T T C M 511 No No
B3bp A S G G 1626 No No
EG545758 A S G L 141 No No
Npal1 G H A R 178/197 Yes No
BC031901 C G T E 432 No No
BC031901 A R C L 398 No No
EG627807 T S C N 44 Yes No
Rest A G G S 555 No No
EG384187 C E G Q 67 No No
EG384187 G V T G 91 Yes No
EG384187 T K A N 144 No No
EG384187 G V T G 160 Yes No
EG384187 T T C I 164 No No
Ugt2b1 G L A F 425 No No
Ugt2a3 T T G P 508 No Possible
Ugt2a2 G A T E 500 No N/A
Ugt2a2 C R G G 467 No Yes
C230008H04Rik C K T E 37 No No
Slc10a6 C T T A 2 No No
Klhl8 T R C Q 18 No No
Sparcl1 G R A Q 384 No Possible
Zfp326 G G A D 493 No Possible
Zfp644 C N T S 210 Yes No
4921521K07Rik A I G V 102 Yes Possible
4921521K07Rik T F A Y 280 Yes No
A830010M20Rik G D A N 382/630 No No
A830010M20Rik G S A N 762/1010 Yes Possible
AW060207 G D A G 279 No Possible
AW060207 G H C Q 355 Yes No
Pigg G V A I 132 Yes No
  1. *Conservative vs Non-conservative amino acids (AA) were assigned based on differences in charge and hydrophobicity. †Strain clustering refers to data showing the same SNP in at least one reference mouse strain with a similar quantitative phenotype. A score of No indicates a DBA/2J or BALB/c polymorphism in at least one conflicting reference strain. A score of Possible indicates polymorphisms that fit trend for intermediate strains, but for which there is limited data for reference strains, or where there is data only for one set of reference strains. Reference strains examined were 129X1/SVJ and C57Bl/6J for DBA/2J mice, and NOD/LtJ and C3H/HeJ for BALB/cByJ mice. Intermediate strains were A/J and NZB/BINJ [20].