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Table 2 Human BDNF transcripts and specific primers used for RT-PCR.

From: Time-dependent biphasic modulation of human BDNF by antidepressants in neuroblastoma cells

Transcript Accession number Primers Product (bp)
BDNF I EF689021.1 exI fwd/exIX rev1 269
BDNF II EF674517.1; EF674518.1; EF674519.1 exII fwd/exIX rev1 301
BDNF III EF674520.1 exIII fwd/exIX rev1 254
BDNF IV EF674521.1 exIV fwd/exIX rev1 283
BDNF VIa/b EF689014.1; EF689015.1 exVIa/b fwd/exIX rev1 306
BDNF VIb-IXbd EF689016.1 exVIb-IXbd fwd/exIX rev1 296
BDNF VIIa/b EF689017.1; EF689018.1 exVII fwd/exIX rev1 285