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Figure 1

From: Expression profile of the entire family of AdhesionG protein-coupled receptors in mouse and rat

Figure 1

A phylogenetic tree, N terminal domains and general expression of Adhesion GPCRs. A consensus phylogenetic tree of 7TM regions of mouse Adhesion GPCRs was generated by Maximum – Likelihood analysis (Phylip 3.67). The N-terminal domains of Adhesion GPCRs are as follows: GPS (GPCR proteolytic site), PTX (Pentraxin domain), HBD (hormone binding domain), EGF_Lam (laminin type epidermal growth factor domain), EGF_CA (EGF, calcium binding domain), LamG (laminin G domain), CA (cadherin repeats), Ig (immunoglobulin domain), LRR(leucine rich repeat), Calx-beta domain, CUB (C1r/C1 s urinary EGF and bone morphogenetic domain), SEA (sea urchin sperm protein domain), TSP1 (thrombospondin repeats, type 1), OLF (olfactomedin domain) and GBL (galactose binding lectin domain). The displayed predominant expression is based on obtained real-time PCR data.

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