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Figure 3

From: Isolation of neuronal chromatin from brain tissue

Figure 3

Neurons expressing H2B-GFP transgene. Digitized images from 8 week old CAMIIK-H2B-GFP mice. (a) Cerebral cortex. Notice GFP (green) nuclei across layers II-VI, but not in layer I or white matter (WM). (b) caudate-putamen and (c) hippocampus. (d-f) Nuclei extracted from forebrain and processed for NeuN (red), and nucleophilic dye, DAPI (blue). Notice that GFP (green) expression is limited to 5 of the 6 NeuN immunoreactive nuclei. Arrows label GFP-, NeuN- nuclei, * labels GFP-, NeuN+ nucleus. (g) Section from cerebral cortex labeled with anti-GAD67 antibody (red). Notice absence of GFP signal in GABA neuron. Bar is (a, c) 100, (b) 300, (d-g) 5 μm.

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