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Table 2 Comparison of gene expression changes in Hdh-KO MEF and differentiated Hdh-null ES cells. The genes are classified into functional categories (groups) based on GO classification as explained by Strehlow at al (2007). The number of genes affected in differentiated Hdh-null ES cells is shown. The number of these genes present among the genes affected in our experiments with Hdh-KO MEF cells is also shown. The official gene symbols, accession numbers, Diff scores and fold changes are shown for all overlapping genes. The positive Diff score corresponds to the genes upregulated in Hdh -KO MEG cells, the negative Diff score corresponds to the genes downregulated in Hdh -KO MEF cells. The genes which expression is affected in the opposite direction when Hdh -null ES and Hdh -KO MEF data are compared are shown in italic.

From: Elucidating a normal function of huntingtin by functional and microarray analysis of huntingtin-null mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Gene groups Gene # HMG paper overlap in SupTable 1 Overlap gene symbol Accession Diff_Score change fold
extracellur space 99 1 ilvbl NM_173751.3 0.037888 2.037322394
extracellular matrix/components conferring tensile strength/cell adhesion 38 2 Emp3 (Ymp) NM_010129.1 85.9198 2.395867383
recepto binding/hormone activity 27 0 Epb4.1l3 NM_013813.1 23.5427 1.63780359
lysosome activity/protein degradation 17 0     
enzyme inhibitor activity 15 0     
growth, proliferation and differentiation 15 1 Emp3 (Ymp) NM_010129.1 85.9198 2.395867383
apoptosis 10 1 Txnl1 NM_016792.2 0.003063 2.178257007
axonogenesis 10 0     
synaptic activity 14 0     
wnt signaling 6 0     
metal ion transport 8 1 Crip1 NM_007763 0.049374 5.609568813
transport 4 0     
retinol/retinal/retinoid/isoprenoid binding 5 0