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Figure 4

From: Evidence for neuroprotective properties of human umbilical cord blood cells after neuronal hypoxia in vitro

Figure 4

Long term effect of 48 hours of hypoxia on apoptosis (A-B) and necrosis (C-D). Cultures at Day 3 after hypoxia were compared with normoxic cultures of the same age. Combined phase contrast/fluorescence micrographs of neuronal post-hypoxic cultures (A) and normoxic control cultures (B) show a conspicuous increase of apoptotic cells (annexin-V-staining, green fluorescence) and morphologic changes due to hypoxia (cell debris, retraction of dendrites). Propidium iodide (PI, red fluorescence) staining shows the influence of hypoxia (C) on the number of necrotic cells and cells in a late state of apoptosis compared to control cultures (D). In contrast to the level of apoptosis, there was no clear difference in the number necrotic cells following both culture conditions.

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