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Figure 4

From: Discordant localization of WFA reactivity and brevican/ADAMTS-derived fragment in rodent brain

Figure 4

Regional distribution of brevican, EAMESE and WFA reactivity in rat brain. Western blot of brevican, EAMESE, and biotinylated-Wisteria floribunda agglutinin (WFA) in extracts from various regions of mouse brain before and after Chase digestion: Cerebellum (CB), hippocampus (HC), brain stem (BS), temporal lobe (TL) and diencephalon (DE)) extracts were probed for (A) anti-brevican, (B) anti-EAMESE and (C) biotinylated-WFA. Samples were pre-treated with (+) and without (-) Chase. (A+) The 145 kD core protein of mouse brevican increased after chondroitinase treatment, (B+) the proteolytic fragment remained unchanged, and (C+) high molecular weight, biotinylated WFA reactive smears were only slightly affected by Chase.

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