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Figure 8

From: Diverse antidepressants increase CDP-diacylglycerol production and phosphatidylinositide resynthesis in depression-relevant regions of the rat brain

Figure 8

Ratios of antidepressant-induced CDP-diacylglycerol versus inositol phosphates. The data in Figures 1-4 were recalculated by dividing the CDP- diacylglycerol effects of each concentration of each antidepressant agent by the corresponding effects of the agent on inositol phosphate accumulation to yield the CDP- diacylglycerol/inositol phosphate (CDP-DG/IP) ratios shown. To facilitate merging of data from multiple experiments, these values were converted to percentages relative to the ratio values in the respective control samples and then averaged to give the mean ± SEM shown for the classic agents (A), phenelzine (B), and hydralazine (C). Data for the hippocampus are shown, but similar observations were made in the cortical tissues. Data for each agent were analyzed by One-way ANOVA followed by posthoc Dunnett tests. #p < 0.05; *p < 0.01; compared to the respective control (zero drug concentration).

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