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Figure 7

From: Diverse antidepressants increase CDP-diacylglycerol production and phosphatidylinositide resynthesis in depression-relevant regions of the rat brain

Figure 7

Effects of LiCl on antidepressant-induced [3H]CDP-diacylglycerol production. Slices of prefrontal cortical or hippocampal tissues were labeled with [3H]cytidine and incubated in the presence or absence of 5 mM LiCl. Indicated concentrations of fluoxetine or imipramine were added, and after 60 min accumulated [3H]CDP-diacylglycerol was measured. While the frontal cortex data are shown, similar observations were made in the hippocampus. Each bar is the mean ± SEM (n = 6). The presence of LiCl did not significantly alter the stimulatory effects of fluoxetine or imipramine on [3H]DCP- diacylglycerol accumulation (ANOVA, p > 0.05).

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