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Figure 9

From: Human neural progenitors express functional lysophospholipid receptors that regulate cell growth and morphology

Figure 9

Morphology changes induced by S1P are blocked the p160ROCK inhibitor Y27632. hES-NEP cells were incubated with vehicle, 100 ng/mL Ptx, 2.5 μM AG1478, 10 μM U0126, or 10 μM Y27632 for 18 hours and then treated with 100 nM S1P for 18 hours. Images of cell morphology were captured after treatment with each inhibitor but before addition of S1P (t = 0), after five hours of S1P treatment (t = 5) and after 18 hours of S1P treatment (t = 18). Data images are consistent with three independent experiments.

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