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Figure 1

From: Human neural progenitors express functional lysophospholipid receptors that regulate cell growth and morphology

Figure 1

LPA and S1P receptor subtype transcript expression in hES-NEP cells. A Semi-quantitative RT-PCR from hNP cells revealed the relative expression of receptor mRNA. Higher expression is equivalent to a smaller delta CT value (CT value of RNA - CT value of 18s). Statistical significance was measured using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's post-hoc comparisons were used to test the significance between all pairwise comparisons (p < .05). Data is represented as the mean ΔCT +/- S.E.M. (CT value of gene - CT value of 18 s) of 3 biological replicates. * in A demonstrates a significant difference (greater expression) than S1P5, * in B demonstrates a significant difference (greater expression) than LPA5. N.D. indicates that the average CT was >35 indicated that the mRNA signal was not detectable. B. Total RNA was isolated from WA09 hES cells and hES-NEP cells, and relative expression of each LPA and S1P receptor transcript was determined using quantitative RT-PCR. Results are reported as fold change in RNA transcript in hES-NEP cells relative to ES cells (details of data analysis in Methods). Data represents three compiled independent experiments and was subjected to ANOVA, tukey post-hoc analysis. Error bars represent standard error; *: p < 0.0001.

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