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Figure 1

From: The Kv2.1 K+ channel targets to the axon initial segment of hippocampal and cortical neurons in culture and in situ

Figure 1

Surface accumulation of transfected Kv2.1 in a single neurite. Hippocampal neurons transfected with EGFP-Kv2.1-HA for 6, 18 and 24 h were labeled with Alexa 594-conjugated anti-HA monoclonal antibody 30 min prior to live cell imaging. Shown are representative maximum projection images comprised of multiple 0.3 μm optical sections for total EGFP-Kv2.1-HA (green, GFP signal) and surface (red, Alexa 594 anti-HA antibody binding). Kv2.1 surface clusters were observed exclusively in single a proximal neurite as early as 6 hours after transfection (arrows). At 18 and 24 hours post-transfection, the appearance of surface somato-dendritic clustering became apparent (arrowheads).

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