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Figure 2

From: Long-term neprilysin gene transfer is associated with reduced levels of intracellular Abeta and behavioral improvement in APP transgenic mice

Figure 2

Neuropathological analysis of Aβ deposit immunoreactivity in the brains of APP tg mice treated with LV-NEP. (A-C) Low power view (20×) images of extracellular amyloid deposits obtained in the neocortex by LSCM with sections immunostained with an antibody against Aβ (6E10) from the brains of APP tg mice (12 m/o) injected with LV-empty (A), LV-NEP (B) and LV-NEPX (C). (D-F) Higher power view of the amyloid deposits (600×). (G) Image analysis of the percent area of the neuropil occupied by Aβ-immunoreactive deposits shows a significant decrease in mice treated with LV-NEP. *p < 0.05 compared to LV-empty by one-way ANOVA with post-hoc Dunnett's, n = 8 mice per group.

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