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Figure 5

From: Squalestatin alters the intracellular trafficking of a neurotoxic prion peptide

Figure 5

MoPrP105-132 associates with cPLA 2 and COX-1. Neuroblastoma cells were incubated with 30 μM MoPrP105-132-biotin for 5 minutes or 20 minutes at 37°C then fixed and stained with Texas Red-streptavidin (red), anti-cPLA2-FITC (green) or anti-COX-1-FITC (green). Nuclei were revealed using Vectashield with DAPI (blue). (A) Co-localisation (yellow) between MoPrP105-132 (red) and cPLA2 (green) after 5 minutes, but not after 20 minutes (B). (C) Co-localisation (yellow) between MoPrP105-132 (red) and anti-COX-1-FITC (green) after 5 minutes, but not after 20 minutes (D). Scale bars, 5 μm.

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