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Table 2 Grading of neurological severity score of rats.

From: Posttraumatic secondary brain insults exacerbates neuronal injury by altering Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors

Behaviors    Points
Hemiplegia: inability resist to forced changes in position   1
Flexion in hindlimb when raised by tail   1
Inability to walk straight when placed on floor   1
Inability to walk    1
Reflex Loss of righting reflex for 20 minutes 1
   40 minutes 1
   60 minutes 1
  Limb reflexes: loss of placing Reflexes Left forelimb 1
   Left hindlimb 1
   Right forelimb 1
   Right hindlimb 1
Clinical grade Loss of seeking behavior   1
  Prostration   1
Inability to exit from a circle (50 cm in diameter) when left in the center for Functioning test: failure in beam balancing task (1 cm wide) 20 minutes   1
  40 minutes   1
  60 minutes   1
  Balances with steady posture, paws on top of beam 1
  Grasps sides of beam and/or has shaky movement 1
  One or more paws slip off beam 1
  Attempt to balance on beam but falls off 1
  Drapes over beam and/or hangs on beam and falls off 1
  Falls off beam with no attempt to balance or hang on 1
Failure in beam walking task 2.5-cm wide   1
  5.0-cm wide   1
  8.0-cm wide   1
Sum    25
  1. The table summarizes the criteria for scoring of rats. The NSS correlates directly with the deterioration of observable neurological status so that a lower score represents nearly intact neurological status and a higher score indicates severe neurological dysfunction caused by injury.