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Table 5 Primer sequences

From: A microarray study of gene and protein regulation in human and rat brain following middle cerebral artery occlusion

Gene Species Primer Sequence T annealing
mmp11 Human 5'-TAAAGGTATGGAGCGATGTGAC-3' (forward) 58°C
mmp11   5'-TGGGTAGCGAAAGGTGTAGAAG-3' (reverse)  
mmp11 Rat 5'-GATGGAGGCCAGCTAGTCAG-3' (forward) 60°C
mmp11   5'-ATGGTACATGACCACGCAGA-3' (reverse)  
ini1 Human 5'-ACCCTGTCCAACAGCTCCCA-3' (forward) 64°C
ini1   5'-GGCCCAATCTTCTGAGATGC-3' (reverse)  
ini1 Rat 5'-CCTGGGGCTCCTATACAAAA-3' (forward) 60°C
ini1   5'-CCATGACCGAGCAAATGAC-3' (reverse)  
pak1 Human 5'-GCTGTTCTGGATGTGTTGGA-3' (forward) 60°C
pak1   5'-TCTGCTCTGGGGTTATCTGTG-3' (reverse)  
pak1 Rat 5'-AGCAAAAGAGGCAACCAAGA-3' (forward) 60°C
pak1   5'-GGGTAAGGAATGGGATGGTT-3' (reverse)  
gapdh Human 5'-ATGATCTTGAGGCTGTTG-3' (forward) 58°C
gapdh   5'-CTCAGACACCATGGGGAA-3' (reverse)