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Figure 4

From: Fast reproducible identification and large-scale databasing of individual functional cognitive networks

Figure 4

Inter-subjects and inter-sessions within-subject variability. For three contrast, a MDS representation of inter-session distance is plotted (left side) in the 3D space which captured most of the variance. Different dot colors correspond to different subjects, and same color dots correspond to the different sessions performed by the same subject. On the right side, this variability is illustrated by individual statistical maps, projected on an axial slice for motor contrast (motor cortex), left sagital slice (covering superior temporal and middle frontal gyri) for reading and an axial slice for mental calculation (intra-parietal region). Each pair refers to two sessions of the same subject (session 1 plotted to the left of session 2) and colors correspond to the dot colors in the MDS graphs. Threshold level was adapted for each session (p < 10-2 or p < 10-3uncorrected at voxel level) to enhance topology similarity for pair sessions.

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