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Table 1 Antisera used for immunocytochemistry

From: Olfactory and solitary chemosensory cells: two different chemosensory systems in the nasal cavity of the American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis

  Company Cat. No. Lot No. host animal Dilution
Gαolf Santa Cruz sc383 K189/L0602 rabbit 1:1000
PGP9.5 Biogenesis 7863-0504 24101201 rabbit 1:200–1:1000
PLCβ2 Santa Cruz sc206 A1204 rabbit 1:100
Sub P Accurate YMC1021 E9381 rat 1:100
YOL 1/34 Abcam AB6161 165477 rat 1:100–1:200