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Figure 5

From: Alternative splicing variations in mouse CAPS2: differential expression and functional properties of splicing variants

Figure 5

The subcellular distribution and expression level of CAPS2 splice variants. (A) C-terminal HA-tagged CAPS2 isoforms were exogenously expressed in PC12 cells. Membrane and soluble fractions were separated as described in the Experimental procedures section. An equal amount of total, soluble and membrane fractions were subjected to SDS-PAGE, followed by immunoblotting with an anti-HA antibody. (B) The expression profile of CAPS2 isoforms in mouse cerebella at P56 was analyzed by Western blotting. The position and size (kDa) of molecular weight markers are indicated on the left. The deduced molecular weight (kDa) of each isoform is indicated in parentheses on the right.

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