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Table 2 Experimental support for binding site activity

From: A comparative genomics approach to identifying the plasticity transcriptome

protein gene name site expected site found Dataset a verification
activity-related cytoskeletal protein arc zif268 none n/ab [83]
BDNF bdnf CREB none n/ac [84, 85]
beta-polymerase polb CREB CREB C [86]
cathepsin L ctsl CREB CREB C [87]
c-fos fos CREB CREB M [88, 89]
early response gene 3 egr3 zif268 CREB M [90]
fibronectin fn1 CREB CREB M [91]
glycoprotein hormone alpha cga CREB CREB Hd [62]
Ngfi-A binding protein 2 nab2 zif268 zif268 C [90]
proteasome subunit, alpha type 5 psma5 zif268 zif268 M [92]
protein phosphatase 2a, catalytic ppp2ca CREB CREB C [93]
S100B s100b CREB CREB C [94]
somatostatin sst CREB CREB C [58]
steroid 11-beta hydroxylase cyp11b1 CREB CREB C [95]
synapsin I syn1 zif268 CREB M [96, 97]
synapsin II syn2 zif268 zif268 C [61]
transporter associated with antigen processing 2 tap2 zif268 zif268 M [92]
tropomyosin 1, alpha tpm1 CREB CREB+zif268 M [37]
tyrosine hydroxylase th CREB CREB C [59, 60]
vasoactive intestinal peptide vip CREB CREB C [98]
  1. a Mouse (M), Human (H), or Conserved (C) homologene dataset where a putative binding site was found
  2. bA zif268 site in the mouse arc gene was identified in an earlier version of the search, but following an important correction for GC content in the gene promoter this site was no longer recognized
  3. c The CREB site in promoter I that has been well-characterized in rat (Tabuchi et al. 2002) did not qualify as having a binding site by the quality score criterion used in this analysis
  4. d Glycoprotein hormone alpha has a well documented CREB site in human that is absent in rodents based on a single bp mutation