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Table 2 Human synapsin (Syn) gene family.

From: Synaptic proteins as multi-sensor devices of neurotransmission

Protein Length (aa)a Possible Exons Human-chromosome Disease Interactions
Synapsin 1 (Syn1) 705/669/261 16 Xp11.23 ALZ, epilepsy Rab3, S100A1, Actin, tubulin, CAPON, Syn1, Syn2, Syn3
Synapsin 2 (Syn2) 505/401/301/285 21 3p25.2 schizophrenia Actin, CAPON, PLCĪ³1, Syn1, Syn2, Syn3
Synapsin 3 (Syn3) 580/579/456/451/236/192/(+ 4) 31 22q12.3 Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder Multiple sclerosis Actin, CAPON, Syn1, Syn2, Syn3
  1. aVariants listed are alternatively spliced forms. The expression of some of these variants is detected only under extreme stimulation conditions. The expression of some of these variants was not confirmed experimentally. Syns can form homo- and heterocomplexes among their family members.