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Figure 7

From: Expression of Hepatoma-derived growth factor family members in the adult central nervous system

Figure 7

HDGF and HRP-3 expression in the dentate gyrus. Antibodies against HDGF (A, D) or HRP-3 (B, E) were used to detect both proteins in the neocortex and cerebellum of an adult mouse. Comparison of the double immunfluorescence demonstrates the lack of expression of HRP-3 in cells building the pia mater at the surface of the cortex (PM in C) and some cells in layer I (C, arrows), whereas cells in the rest of the cortex show a high degree of coexpression of HDGF and HRP-3. A lower degree of coexpression is found in the cerebellum, where HRP-3 family member is only expressed in Purkinje cells and Golgi cells of the IGL. Some of these HRP-3 positive cells do not (E+F, asterisks) and some do also express HDGF (D-F, arrowheads). PM: Pia Mater; I+II: layer I and II; EGL: external granular cell layer; MCL: molecular cell layer; PCL: purkinje cell layer; IGL: internal granular cell layer; WM: white matter. Bars are 40 μm.

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