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Figure 5

From: Expression of Hepatoma-derived growth factor family members in the adult central nervous system

Figure 5

Expression of HDGF family members in oligodendrocytes. Antibodies against HDGF (A), HRP-2 (D), HRP-3 (G) and CNPase (B, E, H) were used to detect the respective proteins in brain slices of adult mice. In all cases fiber tracts in the brain stem are shown. Double immunfluorescence demonstrates that HDGF (C, arrowheads) and HRP-2 (F, arrowheads) are strongly expressed by cells also positive for CNPase. In contrast HRP-3 is only very weakly expressed by this cell type (I, arrowheads) when compared to other HRP-3 positive cells which most likely represent brain stem neurons (I, asterisks). Bars are 25 μm.

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