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Figure 2

From: Expression of Hepatoma-derived growth factor family members in the adult central nervous system

Figure 2

Expression of HDGF family members in granular cells of the cerebellum. Antibodies against HDGF (A), HRP-2 (D), HRP-3 (G) and NeuN (B, E, H) were used to detect the proteins in brain slices of adult mice. Double stainings demonstrate that in contrast to HDGF and HRP-2, HRP-3 is not expressed in NeuN positive granular cells of the cerebellum. Distinct cells in the IGL detected by HRP-3 antibodies are most likely Golgi cells (I, arrowheads). In addition HRP-3 is also clearly expressed in the PCL and weakly in some cells of the MCL (I). MCL: molecular cell layer; PCL: purkinje cell layer; IGL: internal granular cell layer; WM: white matter. Bars are 80 μm.

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