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Figure 3

From: Structural effects and potential changes in growth factor signalling in penis-projecting autonomic neurons after axotomy

Figure 3

Effects of axotomy on intensity of GFRα2immunofluorescence in rat pelvic ganglia. a. Immunofluorescence intensity measurements showed that GFRα2 immunoreactivity decreased in injured FluoroGold (FG) neurons (P = 0.0068) but not in FG neurons contralateral to the injury ("control") or in noradrenergic neurons (TH, tyrosine hydroxylase). Data were obtained from 5 rats that underwent unilateral penile nerve transection, with matched data from left (injured) and right (control) ganglia from the same animal. b, d. Pelvic ganglion contralateral to penile nerve transection. Manyneurons showed GFRα2-immunostaining. c., e. Pelvic ganglionipsilateral to penile nerve transection. GFRα2 immunofluorescence intensity is very low in the majority of neurons, although some small groups of immunostained neurons are still present. Calibration bar represents: 20 μm (b, c) or 40 μm (d, e).

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