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Figure 4

From: Male pheromone protein components activate female vomeronasal neurons in the salamander Plethodon shermani

Figure 4

Low magnification micrograph of female P. shermani vomeronasal mucosa showing the area where the epithelium makes a ninety degree turn, allowing for a tangential view of the epithelial surface (area within white line; white asterisk). This specimen was exposed to PRF. Agmatine-labeled cell bodies (black arrowheads) can be seen in the cross-sectional region of the epithelium (black asterisk). The dendrites (small white arrowheads) of these cells project to the epithelial surface where the dendritic knob appears as a black dot on the epithelial surface (black arrows). The INSET shows a magnified view of the boxed region of epithelial surface with several labeled dendritic knobs. Bars = 10 μm.

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