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Figure 1

From: Male pheromone protein components activate female vomeronasal neurons in the salamander Plethodon shermani

Figure 1

Micrographs of immunocytochemically labeled coronal sections of female P. shermani vomeronasal epithelium (VNE) demonstrating agmatine uptake by stimulation with PRF (A) or a saline control solution (B). (A) Application of PRF resulted in the labeling of numerous vomeronasal receptor neurons (arrow head illustrates one of the labeled cell bodies) throughout all depths of the epithelial layer. Labeling extended from the dendritic knob at the epithelial surface (small arrow) to the proximal portion of the axon (large arrow) within the organ. PRF application resulted in moderate-to-heavy intensity of labeling. (B) Application of saline produced very few labeled vomeronasal receptor neurons (arrow head) and these were very lightly labeled. Bars = 40 μm.

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