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Figure 8

From: Human sensory-evoked responses differ coincident with either "fusion-memory" or "flash-memory", as shown by stimulus repetition-rate effects

Figure 8

audA-waves over a range of stimulus repetition-rates, in a single subject (Ap). Full data 1600 ms long; only first 300 ms shown. Monaural right stimulation at 65 dBSL. Abscissa, ms; ordinate bar = 1 V. Filter 8–50 Hz. On the right, the letters a-e refer to the dates on which the data were taken. The number of days between recordings are as follows: a-b, 8; b-c, 85; c-d, 7; d-e, 27. To see the convolved, averaged data from which this data was deconvolved follow this link: [see Additional file 8].

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