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Figure 10

From: Human sensory-evoked responses differ coincident with either "fusion-memory" or "flash-memory", as shown by stimulus repetition-rate effects

Figure 10

Day-to-day differences in audA-waves at two different repetition-rates in subject Ap. Monaural stimulation, right ear. The recordings were first taken over 15 days, and then 3 months later were taken over 42 days. The 15 S/s data shows 12 overlapped traces/days, and the 30 S/s data shows 9 traces/days. All traces are dotted, with the exception of the two traces having a maximum or minimum at 100 ms (to show how the same trace differs at other latencies). Note that despite the day-to-day variation, the polarities are opposite at about 100 ms, about 140 ms, about 200 ms, and about 250 ms.

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