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Figure 2

From: Dendritic mRNAs encode diversified functionalities in hippocampal pyramidal neurons

Figure 2

The spinophilin mRNA is transported to dendrites. RNA in situ hybridization on rat brain sections using digoxigen-labeled antisense (A) and sense (B) ribo-probes shows that the spinophilin mRNA is located to the dendritic lamina of hippocampal CA1 region (indicated by an arrow). Phase-contrast (C-E) and plain views (F-H) of in situ hybridization using antisense (C,D,F,G) or sense (F,H) spinophilin probes also revealed its dendritic localization in cultured hippocampal neurons (indicated by arrows). In addition, an increase in spinophilin mRNA level was observed after KCl depolarization (D,G).

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