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Figure 4

From: Differentiation of human bone marrow stem cells into cells with a neural phenotype: diverse effects of two specific treatments

Figure 4

RT-PCR for neural markers in BMSC after normalization to GADPH. Treatment 1 induced a significant decrease in nestin mRNA and an increase in GFAP and NSE expression after 24 h of treatment; Hes1 expression increased after 5 h and it was reduced during differentiation (24 h, 48 h). Vimentin and neurofilament mRNA levels were unchanged. On the contrary, after 7 days of treatment 2 only vimentin mRNA expression significantly decreased. Moreover, treatment 2 determined a significant increase in Hes1 mRNA expression after 7 days; no change was observed in other mRNA levels respect to controls. *P < 0.05 vs. control, (n = 4).

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