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Figure 2

From: Differentiation of human bone marrow stem cells into cells with a neural phenotype: diverse effects of two specific treatments

Figure 2

Phase-contrast photomicrograph of BMSC and those exposed to treatment 1 or to treatment 2 for 3 (e) and 7 days (f). In untreated cultures (a), BMSC showed a large, flat morphology. After 5 hours (b) of treatment 1 and even more after 24 hours (c), cells had morphological features typical of neurons, such as spherical shape and extending processes; this morphology also persisted at 48 hours of treatment (d). The treatment 2 determined, after 3 days, an increase of cell density (e). After 7 days (f) cells with a spindle-shaped morphology could be observed. Bar: 80 μm.

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