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Figure 5

From: An extremely rich repertoire of bursting patterns during the development of cortical cultures

Figure 5

Comparison of the development of cultures of different sizes. A Actual density of cultures at 1 div. B Maximum (across days) of ASDR (averaged over 30 minutes of recording) observed in the first 35 div. C First day on which ASDR reached half of its maximum. D First day with burstiness index greater than 0.25. Error bars indicate the mean and the sample standard deviation. Horizontal jittering of dots is for visual clarity only. Note that the vertical scale is logarithmic in A and B, which explains why the error bars appear asymmetric. In small-and-sparse and ultra-sparse cultures, the ASDR remained so low that the age at which half of the maximum was reached could not be measured accurately, and the BI never reached 0.25. Therefore, no data are shown.

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