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Figure 2

From: Genomic responses in rat cerebral cortex after traumatic brain injury

Figure 2

Functional classification of regulated genes 1 and 4 days after cerebral cortical contusion. Up- and downregulated genes with fold changes >1.6 at a 2% false discovery rate, annotated and categorised by the gene ontology database eGOn. Note a significant (p < 0.05) overrepresentation of upregulated genes in relation to total number of expressed genes (*) in the functional groups of cell differentiation, defence response and response to stimulus, for both 1 and 4 days post injury (dpi), while 1 dpi also showed significance (p < 0.05) for genes involved in cell death, cell growth, cellular morphogenesis, development, regulation of cell cycle and transport. Additionally, genes with increased expression showed significant difference (p < 0.05) between 1 and 4 dpi in the groups of cell communication, cell death, cell proliferation, metabolism and transcription (¤) analysed by eGOn.

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