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Figure 7

From: Ethanol induces cell-cycle activity and reduces stem cell diversity to alter both regenerative capacity and differentiation potential of cerebral cortical neuroepithelial precursors

Figure 7

(A) ABCG2 Transporter expression in cortical progenitors after ethanol treatment. Cultures w ere exposed to ethanol and live, immuno-labeled cells were processed for FACS analysis (see methods) with antibodies to surface ABCG2. Ethanol significantly reduced the expression of ABCG2 (p < 0.05). Data were collected from 100,000 events/sample. (B) RT-PCR analysis for nestin in cortical progenitors treated with ethanol for 4 days. The levels of each transcript were unchanged by ethanol. Transcript levels were normalized to cyclophilin (data not shown).

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