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Figure 4

From: Difference in trafficking of brain-derived neurotrophic factor between axons and dendrites of cortical neurons, revealed by live-cell imaging

Figure 4

Properties of movement of BDNF-GFP puncta in axons and dendrites. A, A proportion of puncta which move in axons (filled columns) or dendrites (open columns) in the distal and proximal directions, do not move, and flutter within a small distance (10 μm). The numbers of puncta observed are given in parentheses. B, Distribution of moving puncta with different velocities. The bin width of the abscissa was 0.1 μm/s, and 0 indicates that the velocity was slower than 0.1 μm/s. The total numbers of vesicles analyzed were 132 in axons and 349 in dendrites. C, Cumulative plots of velocity distributions shown in the histograms of B. Dotted and continuous lines represent dendrites and axons, respectively.

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