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Figure 1

From: Difference in trafficking of brain-derived neurotrophic factor between axons and dendrites of cortical neurons, revealed by live-cell imaging

Figure 1

Similar distribution of BDNF-GFP and endogenous BDNF, and expression of BDNF-GFP in GAD65-negative neurons and its localization in axons and somatodendritic regions. A, BDNF-GFP expressed in a neuron 24 h after plasmid cDNA encoding BDNF-GFP was injected into the nucleus. Scale bar in A and B indicates 50 μm B, Immunocytochemical image of another, non-injected neuron stained with anti-BDNF antibody. C, Image of neurons expressing and not-expressing BDNF-GFP. Scale bar indicates 50 μm and applies to D and E. D, Image of the neurons shown in C, immunocytochemically stained with anti-GAD65 antibody. E, Superimposed images of C and D. F, Distribution of BDNF-GFP expressed in another neuron. Arrowheads indicate a MAP2-negative neurite. Scale bar indicates 50 μm and applies to G and H. G, Image of the same neuron as shown in F, immunocytochemically stained with anti-MAP2 antibody. H, Superimposed images of F and G. I, Magnified image of the boxed area in H. Vesicular puncta of BDNF-GFP in the axon are seen more clearly than those in H.

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