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Figure 9

From: Synaptic and genomic responses to JNK and AP-1 signaling in Drosophila neurons

Figure 9

Top 15 candidate AP-1 responsive genes identified by microarray analysis. Genes altered following neuronal AP-1 overexpression, passing statistical (Student's t-test, P < 0.01) and secondary filters based on ratio thresholds and variance in untreated control samples from the same experiment. Arrows on left indicate directionality of expression change listed in order of magnitude from largest positive ratio (induction) on top to largest negative ratio (repression) on bottom. jun induction shows the largest expression change by these criteria. Predicted functions from Flybase [70]. Bold type highlights expression changes confirmed by Q-PCR (n.t. = not tested). Blue type highlights RU486-responsive genes. *VGA – volatile general anesthetic.

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