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Table 1 Cases showing hippocampo-basal telencephalic projections with anterograde tracing techniques

From: An extrahippocampal projection from the dentate gyrus to the olfactory tubercle

Case Injection site Terminal projections
   Tu Acb DgMS
Et01-36B DtMo>>DtGr±DtHi - - -
Et01-21B DtMo>DtGr±DtHi ++ - ±
Et00-11B Dt>CA3 + - +++ b
Et98-49W Dt>CA3 + - ++ c
Et00-08B Dt, CA1 + - ++ a
Et00-13W Dt, CA1<Sbi + ++ +++ c
Et00-41B Sbi ++ ++ +++ a
  1. Letters B and W following the case numbers indicate the tracer injected, BDA and WGA-HRP respectively. The regions injected with tracer are written with large or small letters depending on their major or minor contribution to the projection pattern (± indicates questionable involvement). The symbols -, ±, +, ++, +++ (none, questionable, weak, moderate, strong) refer to the overall intensity and extent of the projections. The letters superscripted in column DgMS refer to additional labeling of isolated (a), few (b) and numerous (c) cell bodies.