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Table 2 Quantitative evaluation of the nature of SON proliferative cells

From: Hyperosmotic stimulus induces reversible angiogenesis within the hypothalamic magnocellular nuclei of the adult rat: a potential role for neuronal vascular endothelial growth factor

   % of BrdU-labeled nuclei associated with specific cell markers
Cell type Marker  
Neurons VP + OT 0
Astrocytes GFAP 6
Oligo. Precursors NG2 18
Microglia IsoB4 8
Vessels IsoB4 60
Vessels Nestin 67
Vessels EBA 55
  1. BrdU was administrated to osmotically stimulated rats drinking 2% saline during 6 days, and the animals were fixed 5 hours after the BrdU administration. The relative proportion of each BrdU-labeled cell type was calculated from at least 4 sections per rat in 4 stimulated rats. More than 500 BrdU-labeled nuclei were scored for most markers.
  2. GFAP: glial fibrillary acidic protein; EBA: endothelial brain antigen; NG2: proteoglycan NG2; OT: oxytocin; VP: vasopressin.