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Figure 4

From: Abnormal auditory mismatch response in tinnitus sufferers with high-frequency hearing loss is associated with subjective distress level

Figure 4

Scatterplot of steepness of hearing loss (larger values corresponding to steeper slopes; see Methods for details). a) The correlation of slope and source localization in posterior-anterior direction. Though being statisticilly the association is not very convincing and seems to be largely driven by four subjects with the steepest hearing losses. b) Association of steepness of hearing loss with the difference index of the mismatch (see also Figure 2b) shows a strong positive correlation. c) Hearing loss slope is negatively associated with tinnitus related distress. Concerning all scatterplots: straigth line corresponds to fit without mti011 (as circle), broken line to the fit including this subject (see text for details).

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