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Figure 2

From: Abnormal auditory mismatch response in tinnitus sufferers with high-frequency hearing loss is associated with subjective distress level

Figure 2

Scatterplot of neurophysiological variables. Associations between Psychological Distress (i.e., Emotional + Cognitive Distress; measured with the Tinnitus Questionnaire) and a) source localization in the anterior-posterior direction and b) the difference between the mismatch response of the LE condition to the 1% and 2% deviant in the early time window (Difference Index; negative values indicating a more normal mismatch pattern, i.e. higher responses for the 2%-Deviant). c) The correlation between the two neurophysiological variables. Note that they are highly correlated for tinnitus but not for control subjects, and that both groups are almost perfectly separated by these two variables. Concerning all scatterplots: straigth line corresponds to fit without mti011 (circle in a) and b), square in c)), broken line to the fit including this subject (see text for details).

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