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Figure 1

From: Effects of the group I metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist, DHPG, and injection stress on striatal cell signaling in food-restricted and ad libitum fed rats

Figure 1

Effects of DHPG on activation of ERK1/2, CREB and Akt in Caudate-Putamen Ad libitum fed and food-restricted rats received i.c.v. injections of DHPG (500 nmol) or saline vehicle prior to sacrifice. Lysates were immunoblotted with anti-phospho ERK1/2 or anti-ERK1/2 (top), anti-phospho-CREB or anti-CREB (center), or anti-phospho-Akt or anti-Akt (bottom) antibodies. Following densitometry, intensities of bands corresponding to phosphorylated proteins were divided by intensities of the corresponding total protein bands to correct for small differences in protein loading. Results (mean ± S.E.M.) are expressed in comparison to the normalized control, which was defined as the ad libitum fed group injected with vehicle. Graphed results are displayed with representative immunoblots.

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