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Table 1 Location of significant voxels in amygdala and lateral fusiform gyrus.

From: Elevated responses to constant facial emotions in different faces in the human amygdala: an fMRI study of facial identity and expression

Region x y z Z-value
Left Amygdala  -15    0 -15 2.65
Right Amygdala   18    0 -18 3.55**
Left Fusiform Gyrus  -39 -54 -24 3.43*
Right Fusiform Gyrus   36 -54 -24 3.19*
  1. Statistics in the amygdala are based on a reduced search volume based on an anatomical mask (see Methods). In the fusiform gyri we employed a search volume with a 10 mm radius sphere centered on coordinates reported by Vuilleumier and colleagues [33] which derived from a comparison between face and house stimuli in a functional localizer [± 45 -54 -21]. All reported activations are corrected for the volume of interest. MNI coordinates. * p < .05 (corrected); ** p < .01 (corrected).