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Figure 5

From: Pattern of distribution and cycling of SLOB, Slowpoke channel binding protein, in Drosophila

Figure 5

SLOB cycles in the photoreceptor cell and the PI neurons. y w flies were entrained in LD for three days and collected at four time points over a 24 hour period. Some flies, after three days entrainment, were transferred to DD for two additional days. At least 5 heads were assayed per time point. (A) Head frontal sections were immunostained for SLOB. The bars depict mean ± SEM staining intensity scores (*p < 0.05, ** p < 0.001). The left bar graph is for LD and the right is for DD. SLOB cycling in the photoreceptors closely follows that of the western blots for both LD and DD. (B) Brain wholemounts from y w flies immunostained for SLOB. SLOB cycles in the PI neurons with an altered phase compared to the photoreceptors. The left bar graph is for LD and the right is for DD. Statistical analysis was done as in (A).

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