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Table 3 Cholinergic agonists and antagonists used in this study

From: Activation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors elicits pigment granule dispersion in retinal pigment epithelium isolated from bluegill

Agonist Site of Action Induced Pigment Granule Dispersion
   Carbachol M1-M5 Yes
   4-Chlorophenyl M1 Yes
   Arecaidine but-2-ynyl ester tosylate M2 No
Antagonist Site of Action Blocked Pigment Granule Dispersion
   Atropine M1-M5 Yes
   Pirenzepine M1 Yes
   AF-DX 116 M2 No
   4-DAMP M3 Yes
   Tropicamide M4 No
  1. RPE was isolated from dark-adapted bluegill and, following incubation for 45 minutes in 10 μM forskolin, was incubated an additional 45 minutes in increasing concentrations of agonist or in the presence of 100 nM carbachol and increasing concentrations of antagonists. The agonists and antagonists tested and their efficacy are presented.