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Figure 8

From: Distribution and densitometry mapping of L1-CAM Immunoreactivity in the adult mouse brain – light microscopic observation

Figure 8

L1 immunoreactive structures in the cerebellum, lower brainstem, and upper cervical spinal cord. a-g. Bright-field photomicrographs showing low power micrographs of the cerebellum and lower brainstem (a), and cerebellar cortex (b), and higher magnification photographs of the cerebellar cortex (c), the solitary tract nucleus (d), caudal of photograph d (e), the trigeminal spinal nucleus (f), and the dorsal horn of cervical spinal cord (g). a: Bar = 1 mm; b,d,f: Bar = 500 μm; c: Bar = 100 μm; e,g: Bar = 200 μm.

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